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Flexible, transparent, fast, and digital – that is the goal we strive to achieve for business processes with our approaches and solutions. Making digitalisation tangible within the oil and gas industry through apps and dashboards which offer seamless integration, visibility across the whole process, instant and contextual insights and collaboration capabilities. Enabling our customers to make better and confident decisions and increase the overall business efficiency. We build solutions based on the SAP® oil and gas industry components and newest technologies – to create tomorrow´s processes today.

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Service Station Management App

The solution enables companies to manage their networks efficiently with knowledge of trends, earnings, and losses. It offers a bird’s eye view over the actual performance and profitability as well as KPIs and further information on each detail level of the network. Enhancing the SAP Solutions.

Service Station Management App Available on SAP Store


  • Smart Service Station Management – Anytime and Anywhere
    with analysis, reporting, comparative, benchmarking, and forecasting functionalities for sales volumes, sales values, and revenue. Available on all devices.
  • Profitability Overview – Identify Profit and Loss Areas
    All relevant information and KPIs displayed on diverse detail levels for both the fuels and shop perspective („wet & dry“) and different product areas. Compares recent situations e.g., with previous year’s results.
  • Online Collaboration
    Collaboration functionality for all stakeholders – headquarter, division manager, station manager, leaseholder, etc. – enables new ways of working in distributed and changing user environments.
  • Confident Decision Making
    Act expediently and with confidence for making the right decisions. Rely upon quality data overviews, contextual insights, and associated analytics accessible on-demand to give guidance in management.


  • Network Overview
    Bird´s eye view over the service station network shows sales analysis, profit, and loss areas. KPIs on sales volumes, sales values, and margins give an overview over the current situation in all details at any time. Compare all relevant figures e.g., to previous years’ results. Forecast sales values, volumes, and margins for the future. Improve efficiency of service station management.
  • Service Station Benchmark
    Compares the various service stations in a benchmark view including averages and ranking of high and low performers. Shows the current situation as well as comparisons e.g., to previous years’ results and forecasts for revenues and sales volumes into the future. 
  • Service Station Details
    Dives into detailed figures for one selected service station and analyzes the actual situation in detail. Shows both the fuels and shop perspective (“wet&dry”). Breaks down the information per product group (e.g., bistro, coffee, car wash etc.) to see how each area contributes to the overall profitability. Includes comparisons and forecasts to receive an accurately overview over the current business results.
  • Range of Applications
    The app is suitable for all applications that are used to manage a service station network – both SAP and NON-SAP systems. Data can be transferred via connectors and APIs from any ERP system and additional data sources to the SAP Analytics Cloud to run the app.
Service Station Management App: Digital Solution for Oil and Gas

Digital Delivery Logistics Dashboard and App

Logistics management, transparency, and stakeholder-integration to control delivery ressources, reduce logistics costs, and to increase partner and customer service level. Delivery control app for custormers and partners and truck link app offering full transparency and management of logistics processes. Providing delivery and order details, time-line and status information for the delivery process, integration, contact and feedback possibilities for partners and end-customers. Available both as app and as extensive headquarter dashboard with integration possibilities for different solutions and stakeholders.

eCard Dashboard and App

Management of fleet cards and integration of and contact to end-customers. Offers a digital twin of individual fleet cards with reporting and information functionalities for the end-customers as well as full card management and handling functionalities for the card’s issuer. Providing transparency and increased customer loyalty. Available both as end-customer app and headquarter web application.

Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for Secondary Distribution

Best practise processes are the best way forward. Use of pre-configured process examples to speed-up implementation, reduce costs and benefit from other market players. Taking into consideration different business models and requirements, fit for service station network companies, oil and gas retails as well as bulk and bottled gas agents.

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